Special! 2x Long Hair Activator and Volumizer



Special: 2x Ipacei Hair Activator for only 39,90 €!

Vouchers cannot be combined.

IPACÈI LONG HAIR ACTIVATOR for 6-9 cm longer hair in 4 months possible and more volume in minutes!


The IPACÈI LONG HAIR ACTIVATOR acts against thin, dry hair, dandruff and scalp itch. The volume and hair growth effect and the formation of new skin layers are the results.

Without parabene! Without silicone!

Ingredients: Propolis, caffeine complexes, biotin, niacinamide complexes, extracts of birch , panthenol, nettle , algae, chamomile and more.

Hair Treatment Application: Apply once daily from the front to the back, as if you applying a hair-colour, to the dry or wet scalp (after the bath), press 4-7 times.
After that you have to make a massage about 2-3 minutes, with your fingers and a comb/teezer, it will dry completely. Do not rinse! You can make this treatment in the morning, afternoon or in the evening. Once a day is sufficient.

Now style your hair with your hands and go out!

We recommend 2 bottles of the IPACÈI Long Hair Activator for a 4-months treatment.

Note: If you have generally have suspect or found, that you have hair loss too much, which is not getting stopped. You should clarify this point with a doctor you trust, in your own interest to find out the cause, whether this is due to hormonal causes or something like that. For information, loses about 100 hair per day are totally normal.

Join it!

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